Blue Coat - 3 Days
February 1st, April 4th, July 18th, October 4th
R13 000 ex Vat
(When completed in the same week as the BCCPA)

BCCPA-Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professionals

The Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professionals(BCCPA) Course is intended for IT Proffesionals
who wish to master the advance features of the Blue Coat ProxySG
after completing this course you will be able to:
  • Describe the architecture of the ProxySG
  • Write code in content Policy language to configure ProxySG policy processing
  • Implement and troubleshoot advanced authentication realms deployments
  • Manage downloads and flash traffic
  • Implement advanced SSL Proxy functionality
  • Monitor and analyze ProxySG perfomance
  • Integrate the ProxySG with other Blue Coat security products

Course Description and Contents

The Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professionals(BCCPA) Course includes more complex and technical concepts and extensive hands-on practice. it covers:

  • SGOS Architecture
  • Catching Architecture
  • Introduction to CPL
  • Basic CPL
  • Intermidiate CPL
  • Policy Training
  • CPL Best Practices
  • Advanced Authentication Concepts
  • ProxySG Integration
  • Guest Authentication and error handling
  • Authentication with BCAAA
  • Kerberos Authentication
  • Authentication Troubleshooting
  • Authentication with Transparent proxy
  • Forwading
  • SSL Advanced Topics
  • ProxySG Perfomance Monitoring

Who Should Attend?

IT Network or Security proffessional who have practical experience with ProxySG in the field and wish to master the advanced network Security capabilities of Blue Coat Products.


Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professionals(BCCPA) Certification, or waiver exam, plus practical experience with the ProxySG in the field. Additionally students who process advanced knowledge of networking,security, and authentication.

Students will become Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professionals(BCCPA) upon completing this course and passing the prometric online exam.