Check Point - 3 Days
February 26th, May 10th,
July 26th, November 19th
R13 000 ex Vat

Check Point Security Engineering R77-CCSE

Learn to troubleshoot Check Point Security systems

Check Point Security Engineering is an advanced 3-day course that teaches how to effectively build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot Check Point Security systems on the Gaia OS. We will study firewall process and take a close look at user and kernel processing and stateful inspection.Labs include configuring security gateways, ipmlementing VPNs, and perfoming advanced troubeshooting tasks on the firewall.

Course Description

  • Advanced and in-depth explanation of check point fire wall technology
  • key tips and techniques for troubleshooting checkpoint firewall technology
  • Advanced upgrading concepts and practices
  • Clustering firewall, Management concepts and practices
  • Software accelaration features
  • Advanced VPN concepts and implementations
  • Reporting tools,deployment options and features

LAB Exercises include

  • Upgrade to checkpoint R77
  • Core CLI elements of firewall administration
  • Migrate to clustering solutions
  • Configure SmartDashboard to interface with active directory
  • Configure site-to-side VPNs with third party certificates
  • Remote access with Endpoint Security VPN
  • SmartEvent and SmartReport

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for expert users and resellers who need to perform advanced deployment configurations of security gateway. This could include the following:

  • System Administration
  • Anyone seeking CCSE Certification
  • Support Analysts
  • Network Engineers


Successful completion of this course depends on knowledge of multiple disciplliness related to network-security activities including UNIC and windows operating systems, certificate management, system administration, network(TCP/IP) knowledge, and checkpoint security Administration course/CCSA Certification

This course helps prepare for CCSA exam #156-215.77 available at Pearson VUE. It contains 90 multiple-choice scenaria-based questions. A passing score is 70% or higher. The exam is based on 80% course materials and 20% hands on experience with check point products. Students should have atleast 6 months experience with Check Point products.Students must have a valid a CCSA cerfication before challenging the CCSE exam