Cloud- 5 Days
22th to 26th February,
R4 500 ex Vat

CompTIA Cloud+

Improve your career with cloud+ certification

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Exam is a vendor-neutral technical qualification. Becoming CompTIA Cloud+ certified gives you marketable knowledge and skills that makes you a valuable employee

Career Advancement

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification assures employers that you have the ability to implement,mantain and deliver cloud infrastracture

In Demand Skills

Organisations that use cloud platforms have to upgrade their network systems to support the increased load. This drives many business to look for qualified talent like you to improve their enterprise networks.

Competitive Advantage

Increase your prospects of getting your dream job. 86% of hiring IT managers indicate IT certifications are a high priority during the evaluation process.*

  • Cloud Sevices from a Business Perspective
  • Technical Perspective/ Cloud types
  • Adoption of cloud computing impact of cloud computing on IT Service Management
  • Risks of Cloud Computing

Who Should Attend?

  • Cloud Architecs
  • Cloud engineers
  • Cloud administrators


  • CompTIA network+ and or CompTIA Storage+ powered by SNIA, though CompTIA certifications are not required.
  • Have atleast 24-36 months of working experience in IT networking,network storage, or data center administration.
  • Familiarity with any major hypervisor technologies for server visualization, though vendor-specific certifications

The CompTIA + certification exam includes multi-choice questions that validate a candidates to work in cloud computing environments, demonstrating their ability to securely implement and mantain cloud technologies.