Forcepoint- 2 Days
7th April, 7th July, 3rd October
R9 000 ex Vat

Administrator Course

During the two days, you will learn the features, components, and key intergrations that enable the AP-EMAIL functionalities, how to administer policies, handle incidents, upgrade, manage and assess the health of the AP-EMAIL system. You develop skills in creating email policies, configure email encryption, incidents data policies, building custom classifiers and using predefined policies, incident management, reporting, Management, reporting, and system architecture and mantainance.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the key capabilities of AP-EMAIL
  • Understand the required and add-on concepts of AP-EMAIL
  • Understand multiple deployment scenarios
  • Perform initial setup configurations
  • Configure connection level control and message properties
  • Create policies to fulfil various organization needs
  • Understand the difference between various block/ permits lists
  • Configure email DLP policies
  • Configure and customize PEM portal
  • Understand email encryption methods
  • Run and interpret reports and configure logs
  • Understand how to upgrade the system and disaster recovery procedure

Who Should Attend?

  • End-User/ Customer: Systems Administrators, network security administrators, IT staff
  • Channel partners: Sales Engineers, consultants, implementation specialists
  • Completon of all course sessions
  • Configured lab exercises
  • Certification Exam(multiple choice)